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With locations in Charleston, SC and Kathleen, FL, BTM Machinery offers reliable and competitively priced machinery tailored to meet the demands of a global clientele across various industries.

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What We Do

BTM Machinery specializes in the sale and rental of heavy construction equipment and offers a range of services to support the construction industry including maintenance, worldwide shipping, equipment inspections, parts supply, and consignment sales.


“All machines come out of this place in top-notch condition, I’ve seen what they can do. Also, this is a very clean, immaculate company. The owner is very thorough and friendly.”

Lynell Anderson

“About as easy transaction and great excavator as it could get. Even worked out getting it hauled up to me. I will buy again from Blake when the time comes.”

Kaleb Tapp

“Fast friendly service. Replied to every phone call and answered every question. Went out of their way to help. Highly recommend BTM Machinery. They will be getting more of my business.”

Dale Peterson